The York County Volunteer Association (YCVA)
Established in 1967, the YCVA was formed by concerned citizens as a non-profit organization and has continuously provided services to the York County and Poquoson citizens since that time. As a young organization with a handful of volunteers, the association was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia and is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the volunteers annually at a meeting open to the public. Work is done through committees who report monthly to the Board of Directors.
Over the years, things have changed tremendously. The handful of volunteers has grown to over a hundred dedicated individuals who give their time to help whenever and wherever needed. The yard sales first established to raise money eventually gave way to a small thrift shop established in upper York County. After several years, YCVA purchased land and built a facility to house The Bargain Box. The Bargain Box is now located on Dare Road in York County. The Bargain Box is the arm of the YCVA, in that , it actually produces the revenue that the YCVA uses.